New 2008 All-Metal Jing Gong M4A1

Jing Gong just released their latest M4A1 AEG, now with “Metal Body”. The new AEG features a hardened gearbox housing and one piece metal barrel equipped with voltage stablizer electronic board. (Source:

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  1. sir, what is the estimated FPS of this new full metal M4A1? estimated cost of the this unit,?

    Around $160 US. 330 FPS US standard. Philippine release should be around 420 fps– i hope.

  2. sir, is that the only one new from jing gong w/c is all metal?
    how about the stubby killer metal body sir?
    coz i saw one forum that there s new metal body stubyy from jg..

    Yes, the latest Jing Gong release are with Metal Body

  3. how much is the new all metal 2008 jg m4a1 sir? in phil. currency.

    Est price will be around P7,500 to 8,500.

  4. is there also all metal body stubby from jg sir?
    and when will it release if there is so…thnaks

    New Jing Gong AEGS are coming out with metal body, so check back for any news regarding the new stubby killer.

  5. the new 2008 all metal jg m4a1, is metal bushing sir? and can be installed with lipo batt 11.1v?

    yes and yes =)

  6. is it true that it uses a ver.3 gearbox?

    Version 2

  7. Got one and used it last sunday. Great gun. One missing part though, the fake bolt covering the GB.

  8. is it available here in the philippines now?


  9. so the full metal jg m4a1 is only 330 fps? and 160 US dollars?

  10. sir, aside from the voltage stabilizer electronic board of JG, what other features does JG M4A1 has an advantage vs ANK all metal m4a1?

    The gearbox itself, it’s more compressed and much improved compared to ANK.

  11. just wanna ask if the 2008 jg m4A1 has mosfet and m120 spring or just the 2009 jg m4A1? Tnx.

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