New from Vega Force Company (VFC), FN SCAR Heavy. VFC has decided to make SCAR-L STD, which is the most popular with soldiers and civilian, for their first modern class positive electronic air soft rifle product. Receiver was made by Aluminum with high class positive electrode treatment, to unfold closeness and exquisite characters of high technology in 21 century. Critical parts are made by steel, has the same size as real one, which more realistic and unassailable. Internal mechanism has a horizontal gear box design by VFC exclusively, which has adopted on HK416 to prove its reliability already. 7mm bearings, EG1300 high speed motor, high precision steel gears, and anti-friction reinforce piston. Make VFC SCAR can shoot more than ten thousands continually with outstanding performance, and worth to trust.

Rest feartures include:

‧Base on the newest model SCAR-III, reproduce all detail completely.
‧The procedure of disassembly as real one, easy for maintenance.
‧CNC Aluminum one piece upper receiver, high rigidness & light weight.
‧CNC Aluminum bolt set, can be hold in open position for Hop-Up adjustment.
‧Aluminum front sight set + steel rear sight set, material and function as real.
‧Stainless one piece gas cylinder set, high reliability & extreme tough.
‧The buttstock combines foldable, retractable, adjustable cheek piece function as real one.
‧The Hop-Up adjustment tool and barrel detach tool hidden in gas tuner, easy to maintenance.

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