FRAG Office & Sunday Game Scenario

President Bobby at FRAG HQ
President Bobby at FRAG Headquarters.

FRAG maintains its records and files of all members in their office in downtown Cagayan de Oro.

SUNDAY GAME SCENARIO: April 06, 2008 – The Orchard Gamesite

Commando Raid: A small group will be formed and will be the commandos (yellow armbands). The rest of the players are divided to guard the objectives. The defenders go inside the Orchard and begin to guard the objectives. Each objective should be guarded by the same number of guards as the commandos. The commandos will start from zone outside the orchard area. This will be their Insertion and Extraction Point. Marshals will inform the commandos that they will have to reach a certain point in the game area, the “Drop zone”, where they will find information about what target they should attack and find the objective. When they have taken the the objective they should leave and bring the objective to the Extraction Point. There should be a time limit. The guards can barricade themselves and send out patrols, but not leave the objectives unprotected.

Kill the Officers: Two teams, and each team has an Officer. The goal is to eliminate the other teams Officer without getting your own killed.

Goodluck and happy hunting.