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Tokyo Marui FA-MAS 5.56 F-1 Automatic Electric Gun



This is Tokyo Marui’s first Automatic Electric Gun release and is based on the French Foreign Legion FA-MAS bullpup assault rifle (FA-MAS is in fact standard assault rifle for all of French Army). Being a bull-pup design the barrel is exceptionally long on the inside, giving the FA-MAS exceptionally high accuracy while keeping the overall lenght of the gun short, about carbine size. The unique version I gearbox design gives this AEG expectionally high rate of fire (1000 rounds per minute or nearly 17 shots per second) that some players love. Because the FA-MAS F-1 comes standard with an integrated bipod, many players opt to turn the gun into a support weapon by putting a drum magazine on it.

The real FA-MAS is the standard assault rifle of French army.

WE M1911A1 Pistol



This WE 1911 Single Stack has a metal slide (compatible with the TM 1911) and lower frame. The blow back action is operated by high pressure gas, such as green gas, red gas, or propane. The functional grip safety and slide safety make its operation safe for all users. An attachment point for a retention lanyard has been included to prevent the loss of the gun during high activity. The reinforced metal parts include the outer barrel, chamber, recoil spring rod, slide stop, slide safety, hammer, and trigger. The internal upgrade parts include reinforced recoil spring, hammer spring, firing pin, and a extreme high flow valve.

System: Gas Blow Back
Gas Type: Green Gas / Red Gas / Propane
Muzzle Velocity: 300 to 330fps
Magazine Capacity: 15+1
Package Includes: gun, 2 magazines, and manual

Metal Slide and Frame
Functional Slide Safety
Functional Grip Safety
Metal Barrel and Guide Rod
Attachment Point for Retention Lanyard

Est Price: $ 110.00

Tokyo Marui Glock 18C


This fully automatic Glock 18C has miniaturized micro gearbox inside in display of latest electric gun technology. The mechanism doesn’t affect the external appearance of the gun in anyway – you would not know the gearbox is there!

Tokyo Marui G18C AEG can fire 15 rounds per second on consistent basis and is effective to range of 50 meters. The external details of the gun are very well made including, among many things, thumb-rest and ribbed pistolgrips.

7.2v 200mAh battery is positioned inside the slide just under the inner barrel. New 7.2v 1100mAh battery can be positioned inside a tactical torch, which acts as a external battery case as well as performing tactical illumination tool role.

Est Price: $130.00

TM Glock 18c Test Fire:

TOP MP40 “Schmeisser” Electric Gun


TOP MP40 AEG is electric full size and full metal airsoft MP40 from Japanese manufacturer TOP. German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS used MP40 machine pistol throughout the World War II and MP40 is still regarded one of the best-ever submachine gun designs. This weapon is perfect for World War II milsims. TOP MP40 uses TOP 9.6v 1500mAh battery, which requires 9.6v battery charger.

Bar Da Boa


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Atoz-Head KM SVD Dragunov


Atoz-Head Dragunov is powerful and highly realistic airsoft sniper rifle and is result of Korean/Japanese manufacturing collaboration. Features real wood furniture, metal build and gearbox-like central unit for the mechanism.

Other features include, scope eye relief cover, adjustable sight elevation windage, functional firing selector and iron sights.

Lenght: 1210mm
Weight: 2950g
Magazine capacity: 25 BBs
Muzzle velocity: 86.5m/s with 0.20g BB

Est Price: $1,030.00