G&G Steyr Aug A3

STEYR AUG A3, another future release from G&G Armaments. Upper rail and integrated MIL-STD-1913 railed foregrip.


The STEYR AUG A3 modular weapon system is the latest result of the continued development of the world renowned STEYR AUG rifle series.

The STEYR AUG A3 design is also based on modular system components, which can be configured from one variant to another quickly and easily, without tools, and at unit level, in order to meet a wide range of future weapon requirements.

The STEYR AUG A3 “bullpup” design maintained its short overall length, without influencing the barrel length, to meet or exceed, required accuracy standards.

The STEYR AUG A3 features a number of Picatinny rails (Mil. Std. 1913 rails), which allow the quick and easy mounting of various accessories, such as a grenade launcher, illumination and target acquisition devices, including a variety of optics or night vision devices.

Due to its utmost flexibility design concept, the STEYR AUG A3 is a state-of-the-art, multipurpose assault rifle, for day and night operations.

One Response

  1. When are the G&G AugA3’s suppossed to be released?

    No specific date of release yet

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