G&G Armament to release RK95 this year.

G&G Armament will soon release the AEG RK 95 Assault Rifle. Though no specific date was given of its debut, I think this weapon is worth the wait for hard-core airsoft hobbyist. The RK 95 is a 7.62 mm assault rifle of Finnish design, accepted into service with the Finnish Defence Forces in the 1990s in relatively small numbers.

The rifle was developed in response to a requirement to replace existing 7.62 mm RK 62 service rifles, which was pursued in the second half of the 1980s. Between 1988-1990 the SAKO company developed the M90 prototype, which was a comprehensive modification of the RK 62. Changes to the original design included: the fire control and safety selector, whose lever was transferred to the left side of the receiver housing, the cocking handle cut-out in the bolt carrier assembly was covered with a strip of metal, the cocking handle itself was placed at an upward angle (enhancing left-handed reloading), a sliding tangent was fitted to the rear sight assembly with 150, 300 and 400 m sight adjustments and the rifle was equipped with a folding tubular metal stock with a locking latch system modeled on the one employed in the SIG SG 540 rifle.

The M90 was also equipped with a multifunction muzzle device and manual gas valve, enabling the use of rifle grenades. After undergoing further testing and implementing several minor adjustments (among them, the fire control and safety selector mechanism were reverted to the previous RK 62 configuration) the rifle was introduced into service with the Finnish armed forces as the 7.62 RK 95.


A real RK 95 in action