Philippine AEG Registration and Permit to Transport Fees


The schedule of fees under the Amended IRR (PNP Circular No. 11) are as follows:

1. Registration fee – P200 one time payment.
2. Permit to transport (PTT) – P360 for five guns, one year, nationwide.

Source: Col Napoleon Estilles, FED. 14 Jan. 2008;


1. The five gun limit for the PTT is the maximum per PTT. Even if you register less than 5 guns, you will still pay the P360. So it is better and cheaper to maximize the PTT by including at least five guns, simultaneously. If you do it piecemeal, it would end up more expensive.

2. The P360 payment was derived from the fees for real steel guns which is P360 also for three months, to and from gun club only. As a favor to us, the FED did not extrapoliate the current P360 PTT fee (for real steel guns) and multiply it by 4 for one year. Instead FED retained the P360 fee but EXTENDED it for one year, for 5 guns, for airsoft.

3. If you sell your gun and the buyer wants to re-register the gun in his name, we will pay for the registration transfer of P200. The buyer will also need to transfer the PTT in his name.

4. The PTT is nationwide and will entitle the holder to transport his gun through ship or plane legally, from regions 1 to 12.