New Version A&K M4 S-System

Not to be outgunned by Jing Gong, A&K released their 2008 M4 S-System version. Like JG, the A&K M4 S System version 2 shoots at around 410-420 fps (tested) “stock” with metal bushings and has its markings now. (call 09225479078 – Flash)



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  1. i just bought an m4 s system, i tried to test it, it was just doing fine, but when i tried the automatic, it didnt stop firing even if i’ve already released the trigger, it wont stop unless you switch it back to safety mode,,, what shoul i do?

    There is a problem with your trigger/switch assembly, try to bring your aeg to your airsoft gunsmith for proper troubleshooting.

  2. how much is the price of the m4?

    Estimate: 6k-6.5k (Philippine peso)

  3. what is the different between JG M4 S-System and A&K M4 S-System?

    Nothing much. Both new JG and A&K S-Systems are improved version 2’s that shoots 420-440 fps out of the box. Just make sure to check thoroughly the gun before buying it.

  4. Actually, the A&K comes with a 68-rd. mid-cap, while the E1/JG comes with a 300 rd. Hi-Cap. The A&K though, comes with a foregrip, which is helpful because of the amount of metal parts on the gun.

  5. thus the JG M4 S-system right now is the new version are being sold here in the Philippines? JG M4 S-System ungrade version 2008?

    Yes sir, JG 2008 versions. The Black Box. 🙂

  6. thank you sir, I’m hoping the JG M4 S-system that i ordered is the new version, it will arrive next week, I’m getting excited,

  7. I was looking to buy the new upgraded version of the Jg M4 S-system, but now it seems that I’m going to have to upgrade the bushing and a few other things so it doesn’t wear out too fast, this comes with the metal bushing so what else would be highly recomended to upgrade? Also which is a better choice.

    If it came out with metal bushings, all you need to change is that stock spring guide. Check your local stores for Version 2 ball-bearing spring guides.

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