Tokyo Marui AK74MN



The real AK74MN fires by the gun powder explosion loaded into the cartridge to lead the bolt action by the flue gas. During this action, tremendous strong recoil occurs. So the most important matter to reproduce this model was, how can this mechanism and the recoil shock, can be revived in the electric airsoft guns? This was the most complicated question for the development team in Tokyo Marui. With several trials and errors during developing process, finally the “shoot and recoil engine” was completed. An intense interlocking bolt action during firing operation, and because of the never experienced strong recoil shock, firing in full auto will make the shooter hard to aim and group fire with just an easy grip. This model selects the shooter if he is ready for the “real one” and a one rank upper electric model gun for all airsoft gun maniacs.

For the new mechanism and material and the precise details, this model will be proudly known as the “Best of AK47”. With the same materials and the structure as the real arm, this model dangers the existence, of all the airsoft models that were recently made. Tokyo Marui has used all of their passion and technology to develop this new generation electric airsoft gun.

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