Piper’s .50 Caliber Machine Gun



X-Caliber Tactical is proud to reveal the Piper’s Precision Products Airsoft M2 HB Heavy Machine Gun to the general public. Paul Piper of Piper’s Precision Products AKA P3, the creator behind the Strafer airsoft/airguns and Vulcan miniguns, has developed this wonderful replica and functional 8mm airsoft full automatic gas operated machine gun to fill a missing role in airsoft military simulation gaming – the heavy support weapon.

The M2 relies on a tired and tested external gas system that can be CO2 or High Pressure Air or an Air Compressor (150 PSI, CFM 20-25 is likely to be the recommended for optimal performance). The M2 HB has an adjustable cyclic rate of between 100-600 RPM through the use of inline flow control and is capable of firing between 200 – 500 FPS. It utilizes a highly efficient sealed valve system which only uses gas when the weapon actually fires, so there is no loss of gas pressure like in some traditional gas blowback airsoft products which sometimes utilizes gas to operate bolts or slides. In fact, the M2 R&D prototype has been field tested at 450 FPS using .45g 8mm airsoft BBs in conjunction with a 5lb CO2 bottle and reliably cycled over 5,000-rounds without expending the entire CO2 contents.

The M2 HB has a DB Customs™ 8mm Tightbore barrel for impressive range and accuracy and features an adjustable hop-up that allows for fine tuning of the groupings of various weight 8mm BBs for various ranges and velocities. The prototype has been tested currently to ranges as far as 80 yards with flat trajectory impacts, but further testing is needed before the maximum range is known.

Piper’s Precision Products M2 HB .50 caliber Airsoft firing 8mm plastic BB’s at 600 rpm