Tokyo Marui SIG-552


The super-short SEALS issue SG-552 sports a very short foregrip with RIS rails for attachment of accessories. Doing away with the 3 round burst function as found on the SG550 and SG551, the SG-552 is capable of semi and full auto fire like most other AEGs. Metal parts include barrel, muzzle, and trigger. Foldable stock. Fully adjustable sights with fold-away trigger guard. Functioning metal cocking handle and dust cover. Very well balanced and good for CQB situations. Ported foregrip looks pleasing and realistic dummy rounds in transparent magazine add even more realism! Equipped with EG1000 motor that provides higher rate of fire than the older SG550 and SG551.

Note: Jing Gong released a version of SIG-552 which is cheaper than TM. You may want to check that out!

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