Dragunov SVD Airsoft Rifle @ 520 FPS

svdc_jpg.jpgsvdb_jpg.jpgThis is a customized Dragunov SVD Rifle from Atlanta Airsoft. Its a full sized, full metal, wood, spring rifle! Unlike other sniper rifles – this one uses Tokyo Marui aeg springs! It shoots at 520 fps with .20 bbs and it comes out with a real Russian powered scope. This is also a spring rifle, which keeps the price down a bit – at least for a Dragunov! Overall, this is an awesome gun that shoots one hell of a distance. Its the perfect ‘out of the box’ spring sniper rifle for many people that have always wanted one.

14 Responses

  1. how much?

  2. reply to goweigus@hotmail.com please
    what model is this?
    mine is a version 3 and i wish to upgrade the spring

    This is just a custom-made Dragunov Sniper rifle using TM parts

  3. This rifle is so sexy! I went to that site and didn’t see the Dragunov for sale there. I want one exactly like that! how much did it cost and how would i go about gettin it?

    You may want to e-mail them and inquire about it’s availability?

  4. I got mine from Evike, and it was a cheaper version 3 King Arms. Supposedly with real wood and shooting 300fps for $350… I think they sold the rest of theres but this guy on ebay is selling a better one for around $500 which is a good deal because the gun is pretty rare now.

    This guy Outlaw on red-alliance.com is selling his

  5. i ordered mine of hitguns it shoots 340 semi 2 full auto although i dont like the fact that you have to customize the top to put a scope on it

  6. dude that gun is hot iv ben looking for a good one ever sence i played call of duty 4 it rocks

  7. To whom it may concern

    Browsed your website – awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – however, could you PLS tell me where to purchase the SVD sniper rifle as shown on your site, and what is the price.

    Thanking you

    Dr P Boshoff

  8. can someone please tell me where to get this and the specs of this SVD sniper rilfe


    Try this http://www.xcalibertactical.com/

  9. this gun is sick i whant one were can i get it and how much

  10. This gun is pretty sweet, but all of these airsoft guns are only prepping you for the real deal. Which is definately not a bad thing unless you join an opposing army. I’d say for best results on sniping, use actual sniper rifle or any other rifle with a high powered scope and somewhat medium – large caliber.

  11. omg! this gun is sexy-est im serious i fell in love first site only bad thing is that most stores have this gun between 510$ to 600$ dollars which sucks it be awesome if it at least cost between 250$ to 300$ and this should probably answer most of u about how much this costs k!

  12. also i love the design and that its metal it looks so real if i ever get it ill be showing it off to every one i now and who i don’t now this a sleek sexy gun!

  13. hi there

    i have a A&K spring svd. a clone of the ATOZ svd. still it is very very awesome. i found mine off cobraairsoft.com their shipping is what killed the price. but seeing as how no one else has this gun. i will say this. for the price ( – shipping, depending where you get yours) this gun is very good. its simple, fun and VERY powerful . if anyone is thinking about getting a A&K svd talk to me. and seeing how i am talking about a spring sniper riffle i dont know whats pictured above. you can get “wood” but why? this gun has lots of pros and some cons. i could wright a page on it but will not. you will just have to ask. i will say this, playing for some time now i have seen plenty of snipers and “so called snipers” and of course tested the competitions guns. nothing com pairs. set yourself apart from others and get whats good email me if you have any questions or want to see pics i have done simple yet necessary tune up tricks to mine that i am more then willing to share with whomever and i am sure will work for any air soft riffle. happyfuncacksdealy@hotmail.com

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