M4 CQB Version 2 by A&K


It is an exact replica of the famous assult rifle that is in use with the U.S. Military by it’s many different special operations personnel. It comes with a retractable crane stock that makes this gun great for CQB and outdoor. The working charging handle give this gun a realistic action that even higher priced guns like CA do not have. A&K AEGs are fully upgradeable and compatible with most aftermarket external and internal parts. This airsoft gun includes a metal standard magazine and is also compatible with other major brands of standard and high capacity after market magazines. The A&K M4 RIS has a removable rear sight that reveals a flat top railed receiver that will accept a wide range of optics. It also has a “one-piece” metal outer barrel that is sturdier than even some Marui rifles. And, the realistic delta ring will allow for the attachment of other rails systems besides the one that comes standard. This gun is a must buy for those looking for a good priced starter gun.


Gearbox type: Type 2Magazine capacity: 68 / 300 roundsLenght: 680mmHeight: 225mmMuzzle velocity: 300fpsAccuracy: 120 feetBattery pack size: Small batteryPackage includes: Manual, Standard Magazine, Battery, Charger, Cleaning Rod,


Crane Stock with BatteryOne Piece CQB Metal Outer BarrelMetal RIS SystemRemovable Rail Covers IncludedRealistic Delta RingWorking Charging HandleRemovable Carry Handle

Please check “Items For Sale” section for availability.

5 Responses

  1. Is this cool or what? I got it, i got it, i got it. Bring on the game guys! But only when i’m fully geared up. Thanks for the ultimate girl’s dream toy, Mike! It goes well with the Barbie collection. Whateverrrrrr! =)

  2. I am planning to buy AEGs this month. Which of this two brands is the best in performance: A&K M4 s-system or JingGong M4 s-system?

  3. A&K. Out of the box it’s 420 fps and with metal bushings. Plus, it has nice paint finish compared to JG.

  4. i would like to buy that kind of airsoft…i realy admire it…how much is it nga pla?

    Depends on what unit and model you like

  5. sleek and mean! this baby is definitely gona find its way to my existing A&K armory. but always remeber boys and girls “Its not the Pana, Its the Indian.” check yoour six… bwahahaha!

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