Two In One

When you cannot find a good sidearm for airsoft, or maybe, you’re out of budget but still, you need protection in case your M4 or M14 fails. Max Masterkey Rifle from AirsoftExtreme is the answer to your predicament .

AE Max Masterkey is built using the Maruzen shotgun, Classic Army M15A4 SPC, and G&P Masterkey kit. Upgrades to AEG and shotgun are extra. The Maruzen spring shotgun can be upgraded to almost 400fps (with 0.2g bb’s).

This baby cost $ 725.00



The IDF Girls


This is one of the amazing hot girls from the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). They are recruiting right now. Anybody interested?????

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Inokatsu Galil ARM

Another weapon that I want to add to my arsenal is this beauty, the Inokatsu Galil ARM.inogalilarm0.jpginogalilarm1.jpgThis girl packs the following features:Lipo Polymer Battery with Charger SetComplete AEG — not a kitFull CNC milled Steel Metal BodyFolding BipodFolding Metal StockUnique Serial NumbersVersion 3 GearboxAK Type Hop Up UnitUses AK MagazinesHigh Power MotorEstimated Price: $ 1,500.00