Israel Defense Force (IDF) Recon Vest



Israel Defense Forces ( IDF ) Recon Assault Vest, by Marom Dolphin

The IDF recon assault vest is the finest distributed load special forces combat vest. this single unit combat vest distributes the weight of combat gear proportionally over the body, with shoulder suspension assembly for comfort and freedom of movement. used wideley by israel defence forces recon/special forces units.

Vest Includes:

  • 3 Double mag pouches.
  • 1 Combo pouch for mag,map,or radio instruction.
  • 1 First aid pouch.
  • 4 Grenade pouches.
  • 1 Flash light holder.
  • 1 Rope pouch.
  • 1 Utility pouch.
  • 1 Back pouch w/ compartments for maps radio and helmet.
  • Adjustable for width and height.

2 Responses

  1. i am wanting to buy this vest but im having trouble in finding a decent website that has it at a reasonable price and will ship quickly.

    many thanks

  2. hey im doing a project on u guys can i get some more info

    What info?

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