King Arms FAL Full Metal & Tactical Carbine A.E.G.

Another AEG that gives me the drive is Kings Arms FN FAL. This is a venerable service rifle that has seen extensive service with the British Military as its standard infantry rifle. Now Kings Arms has taken this very reliable piece and cloned it into a unique airsoft gun. The FAL AEG has a full aluminum body kit already installed ensuring a strong yet lightweight build, and comes with a full steel adjustable carry handle for use when on the run. ka-ag-02.jpgEach of the rifles manufactured by King Arms has a serial number that is unique to each rifle, which tells you how much value each rifle holds. They’re not meant to meet a mass marketing quota- they’re designed for the serious player or collector who wants a gun that will last a life time. So if you’re ever in the mood to act like a British palace guard with one of those big pipe cleaner hats, or simply want something tough and special in your arsenal, the King Arms FN FAL is definitely the way to go.ka-ag-02a.jpgGearbox type: Type 3Magazine capacity:Standard magzine: 90 roundsLenght: 1036mmMuzzle velocity: 330fpsAccuracy: 120 feetBattery pack size: Large battery

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  1. it luks class! but how much is it?

    Please try this site:

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