Star AW .338 Sniper Rifle

Most Detailed AW Super Magnum replica in the world, Gas Powered, its gas system is something like a improved Tanaka System. POWERFUL!! Manufacturer stated power: 350 ~ 380fps (134A & 0.2g BB) M3 Replica Scope (shown in photo), Scope Mount and Bipod included.saa-aw338-l.jpg

One Response

  1. I’ve recieved this rifle a couple of days ago. Haven’t tested it in combat yet, but it does surely impress me! It’s a great piece of artwork. It’s a bit heavier than what I’m used to but that’s not a problem. I used .25g BB’s for the test shootings and I already regret it. I’d recommend using at least 0.28g BB’s for this gun. The scope and bipod are really nice (especially the scope – it’s probably half the price of the gun, but it’s pro quality after all). I really enjoyed using the rear support while testing the rifle. It’s also quite comfortable to extend it half-length and grab it with your hand while shooting prone. If I don’t stop writing now, I won’t be able to do it ever. The rifle’s just AWFULLY GREAT!!! Any hardcore sniper MUST have it!!!
    Greets! 🙂

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